Technology DuPont — 50-inch OLED panel 2 minutes

Technology DuPont — 50-inch OLED panel 2 minutes

It is known that a wide spread of OLED displays in the mass market to a large extent prevent difficulties in the production of panels based on organic light-emitting diodes and the associated high cost of finished products. And if the production of small OLED displays for mobile devices in recent years there has been significant progress (as an example, the smartphone Google Nexus One and HTC Desire), then the production of large panels difficulties remain.


Perhaps, to some extent, help solve their technology ultra-fast print OLED displays, developed by DuPont. One of the latest achievements of the American chemical giant was the creation of the 50-inch OLED panels in less than two minutes.

Japanese companies are preparing a common platform for multimedia phones

Japanese companies are preparing a common platform for multimedia phones

Several Japanese companies have teamed to develop a new software platform that would be compatible with applications for the mobile operating systems Symbian and Linux. In this group includes operator NTT DoCoMo and electronics manufacturers Renesas Electronics, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic Mobile and Sharp. According to the companies, their platform will support high quality video and three-dimensional graphics and based on it you can create mobile devices with advanced multimedia functionality.


Six Japanese companies plan to combine their capacities to develop new solutions. This will significantly reduce the time and cost compared to if each independently developed a similar platform, alone.