TouchPhone Samsung B5722 DUOS for two SIM cards available for sale

TouchPhone Samsung B5722 DUOS for two SIM cards available for sale

Euronet announced sales of the new Samsung B5722 touchscreen phone that supports two SIM-cards. As the company she bought the whole lot Samsung B5722, which comes with Russia by the end of 2009, realizing how promising is a new model. The new phone from Samsung Electronics will first appear in retail sales in the Russian market in the salons ", Euronet" — and will be priced at 11,990 rubles. Now online & ndash-shop "-Euronet" — you can make a reservation for novelty, which is still represented in two colors Dark Brown and Elegant Pink.

Samsung B5722 DUOS

A key advantage of the phone Samsung B5722 is the ability to use two SIM-cards simultaneously.

Photo Monster Canon introduced a 120 megapixel sensor for digital cameras

Photo Monster: Canon has introduced 120 MP sensor for digital cameras

Canon has announced that it has developed CMOS sensor APS-H format with a resolution ... 120 Mn. Its size — 29,2 x20, 2 mm, the sensor of the same size used in her professional DSLR cameras Canon EOS-1D. The new 120-megapixel sensor Canon includes 7.5 times more pixels than its highest resolution sensors available now for purchase. The company calls its new 120-megapixel CMOS sensor (13280×9184 pixels) has the largest expansion in the industry for such dimensions.

Sensor Canon

In addition, it can record video Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) using only 1/60 of the area. And you can imagine what quality will have a 120 megapixel images obtained with it.