Tea Thermometer Timer

Tea Thermometer & - Timer

Do you know how to properly brew tea, so it was the most tasty and healthy?

In this procedure should be properly taken into account many factors, ranging from the required number of welding and proper water temperature up until tea will infuse. Repeat it once, do it all the time in a particular order based on the many nuances that can really master of tea ceremony.

There are different types of tea — black, green, white, red, yellow — and a lot of varieties. So it should be recognized that proper brewing tea — it is much more than just pour boiling water into the kettle for brewing.

For true tea lovers had just developed a special gadget Tea Thermometer & — Timer, which will greatly facilitate their lives.

Olympus teaser site hints at new camera format Micro 43

Olympus teaser site hints at new camera format Micro 4/3

The official website of the U.S. division of Olympus was a very interesting teaser obviously contains advertising new camera from the Japanese manufacturer. In this picture you can discern the outlines of a new camera, hidden someone's hand. Motto advertisements placed on the left of the picture, said: & ldquo-You can & rsquo-t hide innovation & rdquo-(you can not hide innovation).

Olympus Teaser

Probably, Olympus on the eve of the February exhibition PMA decided therefore to advertise your future updates. Although no technical specifications of the new camera is not given, judging from foreseeable circuits, it will be the another model format Micro Four Thirds.