Triumph webOS HP will produce no Windows Phone 7 communicators

Triumph webOS: HP will produce no Windows Phone 7 communicators

Vice President of Hewlett-Packard Todd Bradley (Todd Bradley) said in an interview with CNBC plans to use the operating system webOS, HP is right for you got along with the acquisition of Palm. According to Bradley, HP intends to be a major supplier of products to the platforms from Microsoft, but no plans to release PDA phones based on Windows Phone 7 or Android smartphones.

HP iPaq

But in the HP portfolio of smartphones will include the operating system webOS, said Bradley. He said the company's goal — to develop the capabilities of the software platform to the maximum. However, he did not disclose details about the timing of production and the characteristics of mobile devices based on webOS.

Chip Intel Jasper Forest for SAN and NAS systems will be presented this week

Chip Intel Jasper Forest for SAN and NAS systems will be presented this week

According to Computerworld, Intel is about to release a new processor designed for embedded storage systems. The new chip code name was Jasper Forest, and its release should take place this week.


The new development is an enhanced version of Intel CPU Xeon, referring to the generation of Nehalem, and it is intended for storage devices and communication systems. It is expected that Jasper Forest chip will & ldquo-home & rdquo-supported RAID modes and can interact with the system bus PCI-Express (PCIe).

In addition, the processor Intel Jasper Forest is compatible with the specifications Storage Bridge Bay, which can be used to enable boards of management controllers directly in disk arrays.