The new USB-HDMI adapter from Sewell

The new USB-HDMI adapter from Sewell

If your computer does not have HDMI output or you need additional similar connector, the handy device Sewell HDdeck USB to HDMI will be indispensable.

This adapter converts any standard USB 2.0 port to HDMI-out, it will still function as a graphics card, which makes it easy to connect additional monitors to your computer and HD-TVs. Also worth noting is that in HDMI-connector adapter HDdeck USB to HDMI can transmit and sound.

The device can simultaneously support up to 6 displays connected to a Windows-PC or Mac-4 to the system can be used with the following resolution: 640? 480, 720? 480, 768? 576, 800? 600, 1024? 768, 1280? 720 (720p), 1280? 1024, 1360? 850, 1400? 1050 and 1440? 900, 1600? 1200, 1680? 1050 and 1920? 1080 (1080p).

The elder brother of Samsung Galaxy S — 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet based on Android

The elder brother of Samsung Galaxy S — 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet based on Android

South African subsidiary of Samsung Electronics has published in its official Twitter blog mini photo tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Snapshot immediately sold on the global network. It is located near a device with a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S. We know that this tablet is running an operating system Android, augmented interface TouchWiz. Interestingly, in the home screen icon shows "Phone". We can assume that the Samsung Galaxy Tab could somehow use for phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The tablet is equipped with 7-inch touch screen, TFT or AMOLED is not yet clear. Also it has a front facing camera and a 3.5 audio jack.