E-book GlobusBOOK 950 CONNECT goes to the Internet via Wi-Fi router and 3G modem

E-book GlobusBOOK 950 CONNECT goes to the Internet via Wi-Fi router and 3G modem

GlobusBOOK company announced immediate availability of a new 6-inch model with E-Ink touch screen and Internet access — GlobusBOOK 950 CONNECT. According to the manufacturer, this model is unique because it is able to access the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection and 3G modem router. The package ebook, the flashlight, leather case and headphones, added corporate Wi-Fi router, 3G-modem from Megaphone with SIM card, ready to go.


Tiny Wi-Fi router is powered by the internal battery 1500 mAh. In addition, Wi-Fi router will allow all the connected home devices to the mobile Internet.

Acer announced its first Android-Smartphone Liquid (A1)

Acer announced its first Android-Smartphone Liquid (A1)

Acer has finally officially announced its new product — its first Smartphone, based at the operating system Google Android.

The model is called Liquid (Or simply A1) — This is a unique device that combines the Snapdragon chipset with ARM-architecture and software platform Google Android 1.6, and has a capacitive WVGA-screen (800×480 pixels). This was announced by the assumption that such a device will be equipped with a 768-MHz processor Qualcomm 8250, but this information was not confirmed, as it became known that the value of the device clock frequency is at least 1 GHz.

It is still kept in secret size diagonal touch screen device, but it is known that A1 installed 5-megapixel camera and plug Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wi-Fi-adapter and GPS-receiver.