Surprise for Steve Jobs or Android 22 Froyo on iPhone 3G

Surprise for Steve Jobs and Android 2.2 Froyo on iPhone 3G

Just prior to the conference WWDC, Apple has traditionally been used to present their innovations in the mobile (and other) area, another surprise for Steve Jobs and his company has lifted the so-called community iDroid. Participants in this project specialized in hacking device iPhone and install it on non-standard operating systems.

iPhone and Android

We have previously reported a successful attempt portyrovanyya the iPhone mobile operating system Android, created at the beginning of the internet giant Google. And now came the news of a successful install to your device the latest version of the iPhone 3G & ldquo-greenbacks Work & rdquo-Android 2.2 Froyo, announced in late May and not yet available in all specialized Android smartphones.

Three new disk storage systems Dot Hill

Three new disk storage systems Dot Hill

DSCon company introduced three new disk storage system Series Dot Hill R / Evolution of Host Interface Fibre Channel, SAS and iSCSI. New disk storage system based on the architecture of R / Evolution, contain 12 disks SAS, SATA or SSD in the case 2U form factor and provide two or four (in dvuhkontrollernom performance) connection 4Gbps Fibre Channel (model 2732), 3Gb SAS (model 2532) and 1Gb iSCSI (model 2332). All models can be supplied with a power supply of AC and DC.

Dot Hill 2732

Data storage systems Dot Hill 2732, 2532 and 2332 is a further development of the product series. The previous model series 2hh0 that use 3.5 inch drives, new products are characterized by a new controller and productive support expansion up to 96 drives SAS, SATA or SSD.