What to expect from iOS 4 on iPhone 3G available and missing features

What to expect from iOS 4 on iPhone 3G: available and no function

We already wrote about that yesterday started downloading new operating system iOS 4 for already released models of smartphones iPhone and media players iPod touch. As we know, not all features of the new platform running on older devices. And resource Engadget had a comprehensive study of what to expect from iOS 4 to owners of iPhone 3G, and then — should not be.

iPhone 3G

According to a source, the new firmware for the iPhone 3G device includes:

  • Organizing content into folders
  • Alignment emails in sequence, as in conversation
  • Create and edit playlists iTunes
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Support for iBooks, including PDF
  • Sony USB Vein Authentication Device

    Sony USB Vein Authentication Device

    Sony has introduces its innovative design — an original biometric authentication system, which can make a healthy competition has become a common fingerprint sensor.

    With Sony USB Vein Authentication Device identification can be carried out drawing blood vessel finger, which is unique to every individual as a fingerprint, but it's good to fake it significantly more difficult.

    The device has an interface miniUSB. It is expected that the sale of it may appear after 18 December 2009 for an estimated price of $ 350.

    The basis of this system is a unique technology Mofiria, which Sony Corporation introduced this year.