Back Pleo

Back Pleo

The famous dinosaur Pleo will be available again. After nearly a year of uncertainty about their future of this original toy again enters the market.

What's wrong with this cute dinosaur? In late 2008, Ugobe, which created the toy completely bankrupt, closed and sold all their possessions. It seemed that dinosaur Pleo will not appear on the shelves, but he got a second chance.

The rights to this unusual toy company bought the Jetta Company Limited in Hong Kong. They are engaged in the manufacture Pleo, so the factory of the company and its workers have the necessary knowledge. But despite these facts, the production of toys was postponed until now.

Extremism and pornography are not going to MIA will block more than 2,000 sites

Extremism and pornography will not work: MIA is going to block more than 2,000 sites

Russian Interior Ministry has proposed to develop amendments to the law "On Information", which, if adopted, will block more than 2000 sites (the so-called "black list"). It's about resources such materials as pornography, extremism and pirated content. Now the Ministry is unable to legally block to block access to them because they are foreign host. Under the new amendments, access to such sites will block providers, by court order. There is the possibility of introducing discussed in the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.