Overview of fake Chinese iPhone — Sciphone i9

Overview of fake Chinese Iphone - Sciphone i9 + + +

In the market of mobile phones and smartphones has another successful fake well-known — Iphone. In order to avoid lawsuits and claims from the above known brand, the creators of the Chinese miracle had called his creation as — Sci phone i9 + + +.

Well, then conduct a short review of this phone. Turn — cute picture quality on quite a large touch screen, just then we will prove how the touchscreen accepts our fingers as standard configuration provides lock screen. Lock System is a touch option as a module with the arrow you want to drag from left to right across the screen and only then you get to the main menu.

Photo of two new iPad dock connector

Photo: the two new iPad dock connector

Portal Mission Repair has published interesting pictures. In the current iPad version this connector is located on the short side, and the panel this photo — both on a long and a short. Thus, the tablet can be inserted into the dock in either vertical or horizontal position, as seems convenient to the user in each case. By the way, appropriate design of Apple even patented, we wrote about it in the news.


In this case, the panel size is different from the current generation iPad. That is, it is not designed for a smaller version of tablet rumors that go on the Internet for a while. It is assumed that the "mini" iPad will receive a 7-inch touch screen.