Projector for iPad

MicroVision SHOWWX + from

Accessories for watching movies or videos on the iPhone has always been difficult for large companies because small screen smartphone last only for a maximum of two or three people, but also about any comfort in this case will not happen.

But the iPad — is a different matter: it is a convenient 9.7-inch display and beckons to her enthusiastic crowds of onlookers. Have you ever thought about to turn your favorite tablet into a mini-movie theater? This will need a projector, for example, should consider this option as laser pikoproektor SHOWWX + from MicroVision. For those fans accessories iPad, who is also interested in further vebstroitelstvom, visit a hosting service where the location of sites is available on favorable terms.

In the communicator HTC HD7 was a problem with the antenna

In the communicator HTC HD7 was a problem with the antenna

Apparently, the communicator HTC HD7 feels about the same problem with the reception signal provider as the iPhone 4. At least, users began to receive complaints in this regard. Recall, HTC HD7 — a new device Taiwanese company running the operating system Windows Phone 7. It is a functional candy monblok with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, 1GHz chipset Qualcomm MSM8250, 16, or 8 GB of internal memory and a 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and video recording 720p.


HTC HD7 owners began reporting that at a certain admiration bottom of the device cellular signal strength weakens. In the video service YouTube has posted several videos which can be seen as a reduced signal level on the U.S.