HAF 932 AMD Edition

HAF 932 AMD Edition

Cooler Master Company got its popularity due to its colorful line of original system units. It was a popular model of computer cases NVIDIA Edition Stacker 830. This unusual building with green accents like many gamers and lovers of simple production of NVIDIA.

The new system unit, which was launched by Cooler Master HAF 932 is called AMD Edition. New released in black and red scheme that meets corporate red color graphics ATI. Among the features of the new building can also identify unusual side window, which allows you to look at the "inner world" of the computer, logo, AMD dragon Fusion and muted red interior lighting.

Finnish hacker installed Mac OS X on 103 internet tablet Nokia N900

Finnish hacker installed Mac OS X 10.3 on internet tablet Nokia N900

We know that in the world there are so-called community of fans Hakintosh. Members of this community are admired by establishing operating systems family of Mac OS X on computer devices are not designed for this. Recall that under the terms of the license agreement Apple, installing software platforms of the line Mac OS X is allowed only for desktops and laptops issued by itself & ldquo-fruit & rdquo-company.

Nokia N900

However, it was possible to create Nikkanenu Finn Toni (Toni Nikkanen), I think, worthy to be written in golden letters in the history Hakintosh community. Finnish enthusiast for the first time managed to install a full version of Mac OS X & hellip-on mobile phone.