Thin and light notebooks MSI P600 and S6000 went on sale

Thin and light notebooks MSI P600 and S6000 went on sale

MSI has announced the release in North America, notebooks MSI P600 and S6000. This thin and light models equipped with 15.6-inch screens. MSI P600 weighs only 2.4 kg, differs little thick and is equipped with 8-cell battery. The battery life of devices from a single charge — up to 8 hours. Weight MSI S6000 — even fewer, 2.2 kg, but the battery is only 4-cell. At the same time, the basic characteristics similar laptops.

MSI P600

And MSI P600, and MSI S6000 running Windows 7 Home Premium, built on a processor Intel Core i5, equipped with 4 GB of RAM, hard disc capacity of 500 GB and slim optical drive DVD Super Multi.

In my LiveJournal will talk shows

In my LiveJournal will talk shows

In an interview with PaidContent president SUP Annelis van den Belt (Annelies van den Belt) announced that it will launch in Russia three new media projects. Recall internet company SUP owns the popular blogging service LiveJournal ("LiveJournal"). Thus, Annelis van den Belt did not specify what kind of projects it is not disclosed terms of their launch. But they appear to appear soon. Perhaps one of them will talk shows, of which reported Portal


He said the talk show host will be Peter Fadeev — a popular radio and television host and participate in this transfer will take blogger "Living Magazine".