Severe Buryat pensioner criminal investigation hacking email rozluchnytsi

Severe Buryat pensioner: criminal investigation for hacking email rozluchnytsi

Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on its website published information that might seem funny, neither be thou it so official results. The government reported that the investigating authorities in the Republic of Buryatia complete investigation of criminal case against a resident of the city of Ulan-Ude, accused of committing crimes under Part 1 of Art. 137, § 1 of Art. 138 of the Criminal Code — a violation of privacy and a violation of the secrecy of correspondence.

Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation

How to set the investigation in the summer of 2009 the accused picked up the password to your e-mailbox women, which left her husband and got acquainted with her personal correspondence.

Time to time in the White iPad in Russia — is November 10-11

Make it on time, "White" iPad in Russia — is November 10-11

On the start of official sales iPad tablet in Russia there were a lot of rumors not too long ago we reported that the device can only go next year. The reason for the delay were identified concerns Apple, the tablet is not enough in the Christmas season in the U.S... But now the situation has probably changed. According to the newspaper "Kommersant" informed sources, the official — iPad come to Russia soon — 10-11 November. Now shipping devices already begun and the cost agreed with Apple.


First iPad will be sold in such retail chains as "M. Video", "White Wind Digital", re: Store, z-Store and DeepStore.