Mobile — no longer just phones

mobilnye uzhe davno ne prosto telefony 1 Mobile   no longer just phones

A few years ago there was a special feature of bling in the morning without getting out from under the blankets, read by mobile email, watch the progress of site promotion in search engines or standing outdoors weather. Today, these functions may not two of the three mobile phone users. After a long time ago, at the dawn "-mobilization" -, banal receive SMS option was considered, for which it would pay the money and get "-advanced" — compared with conventional mobile phone.

Today, in an era of rampant "-mobilization" -, mobile phone has become a high-tech product. Ironically, despite the development of electronics, cheaper it becomes — manufacturers try to offer users more functions, often not-so also needed to continue to make a wish to have a modern mobile phone.

Goods and services can be paid travel

Goods and services can be paid travel?

According to the publication RBC daily, in the law "On the national payment system" can be made to items associated with contactless debit cards. Such amendments proposed to association "Electronic money". The most common card in London — a system of Oyster. However, these cards allow you to pay not only the public transport, but also pay for other goods and services. Follow the example of London and other major cities: maps of this type can pay for gasoline at the pump, a little shopping, entrance to museums and more.

Contactless smart card Moscow metro

In the same common cards with RFID chip, used for example in the Moscow subway.