Slim Aluminum Keyboard Enermax Aurora Lite goes on sale

Slim Aluminum Keyboard Enermax Aurora Lite goes on sale

The company introduced the keyboard Enermax Aurora Lite, which is a continuation of the ideological Enermax Aurora, which first appeared on the market in 2006. As the name implies, this keyboard has a thin and elegant form.

Enermax Aurora Lite

The device communicates with the computer via USB 2.0. The user will be useful two additional connectors USB 2.0, located on the sides of the body, which can be connected, such as a mouse. Aurora Lite has a standard set of keys, including the numeric keypad. The manufacturer stated that the buttons have a long service life and can withstand up to 10 million clicks through patented technology Scissors, moreover it provides quiet operation as a laptop keyboard.

Capital Online for Svyazinvest

Capital Online for Svyazinvest

It was reported that recently the company ", Svyazinvest" — signed a memorandum of intent to buy the operator "Acad-'-.

Evaluation of "aca-" — could be about $ 1 billion, taking into account the existing debt of 350 million dollars. At the moment, "Akad-" — serves about 670 thousand subscribers of broadband Internet and nearly 446 thousand pay TV subscribers, mainly in Moscow.

The main owners of the company are "-Renova" — Viktor Vekselberg and Yuri Pripachkin. Deputy director ", Svyazinvest" — Michael Leshenko noted the fact that "aca-" — this is primarily a strategically important asset because it takes a significant share in the capital market, and massively represented in the pay-TV segment, and the position of "Svyazinvest- "- these markets are weak.