Started selling low-cost solid state drive Intel X25-V 40GB

Started selling low-cost solid state drive Intel X25-V 40GB

It was learned that the cheap SSD drive Intel X25-V 40GB, which debuted last year under the brand Kingston, began to appear on sale in the markets of USA and Europe. This affordable solid state drive made in the form factor of 2.5 inches and is based on NAND memory with multilevel cells (MLC).

Intel X25-V

Solid State Drive Intel — X25-V 40 GB using to connect to the system interface SATA 3.0 Gbps, and its top speed of reading and writing data is 170 and 35 MB / s, respectively. Of course, this SSD is difficult to attribute to a high-performance solution, but we should not forget about the low cost of the product.

Universal CPU Cooler Scythe Ninja 3 Ninja conquering the heat

Universal CPU Cooler Scythe Ninja 3 — ninja who wins the heat

It seems every one of us at least once in your life heard of Ninja & ndash-legendary warriors of medieval Japan killers who do not know defeat by special possession battle skills and techniques. Accidentally or not, but the company Scythe, representing the rising sun, called this terrible name a new CPU cooler. Obviously, the manufacturer in this case suggests that it is a new development just as easily cope with cooling entrusted processor like Ninja & ndash-enemies.

Scythe Ninja 3

New CPU Cooler Scythe Ninja 3, as shown in the attached image is a fairly massive decision and weighs 1040 grams.