Epic I Jacob Co

Epic I Jacob & - Co

Jacob Arab — a renowned artist who makes watches for famous Hollywood stars. His professional motto: "-I make people happy" -.

Creation Arab impress people with his most spectacular appearance than the complex internal mechanics. These watches are designed primarily to effectively splurge, spectacular walk along the red carpet, in other words, successfully perform at Vanity Fair.

Various jewelery and watches from Arab rappers love, because for them especially the size and brightness — is very important. But in the collections of articles wizard is a more rigorous and elegant way. For example, it is worth noting his latest collection of Epic.

FAS Russia initiated a case of supercomputer SKIF

FAS Russia initiated a case of supercomputer SKIF

Federal Antimonopoly Service of FAS Russia initiated proceedings on grounds of violation of the antimonopoly legislation regarding the Program Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICS RAS) for violations of the Law on Protection of Competition — a ban on restrictive of competition for tenders.

Supercomputer SKIF

FAS Russia sees signs of competition law in the course of trading on the creation of a prototype supercomputer SKIF number 4 as well as the supply of special equipment for it. During the consideration of the documents submitted by the parties, it was found that the staff of the customer (ICS RAS) is also the employees of the company — the only participant and winner of the tender for «SKIF-RSC" -.