Ultrakorotkofokusnye Epson 3LCD projectors for projecting creation of 10 cm

Ultrakorotkofokusnye Epson 3LCD projectors for education — design with 10 cm

Epson have introduced a series ultrakorotkofokusnyh projectors for educational institutions — Epson EB-460i, EB-450Wi, EB-440W, EB-460 and EB-450W. A new series of Epson 3LCD projectors designed specifically for creating interactive classes in schools and universities. Light from ultrakorotkofokusnoho lens through which projector can be installed virtually close to the screen without blinding teacher and does not create shadows on the screen.

Epson EB-450Wi

New series projectors are easy to connect and use, with a high brightness of 3000 Lumens, increased to 3500 hours lamp life, and built-in speaker 10 watts and microphone input for the design of learning materials sound.

Phone Verykool R80 — two displays and complex for adventure tourism

Phone Verykool R80 — two displays and complex for adventure tourism

The company has introduced strengthened Verykool mobile Verykool R80. This spectacular black device in rugged traditional candybar with a numeric keypad, equipped with two displays. The first, of course, has a diagonal of 2.4 inches and a resolution of 240×320 pixels. A second display located on the back side is a round 1-inch OLED display.

Verykool R80

Also the phone has 2 megapixel camera, FM radio, media player and support interfaces USB and Bluetooth 2.0. Thus, it can be used as a modem, the device works in networks GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), supporting two SIM cards at once.

The internal memory Verykool R80 is 30MB, also provides support for memory cards format microSD.