Starts certification program Wi-Fi Direct — Bluetooth killer comes in a big way

Starts certification program Wi-Fi Direct — "Assassin Bluetooth" comes out in a big way

After nearly a year since the announcement of Wi-Fi Direct organization Wi-Fi Alliance, which is responsible for testing and certification of test appropriate solutions, officially announced the certification program products supporting this standard wireless data transmission. Recall the standard Wi-Fi Direct (which some experts refer to as "killer Bluetooth") allows for the exchange of information between the devices directly — ie without the mediation of Wi-Fi routers and hotspots.

Wi-Fi Direct

The communication speed is realized Wi-Fi Direct, can achieve performance standard Wi-Fi 802.11n.

Ebook ASUS DR-570 with OLED display in detail

Ebook ASUS DR-570 with OLED display in detail

Just yesterday we reported on the news about ebook ASUS DR-570, and now the network has more information about its characteristics. Details of specifications placed British life Electricpig. Recall unusual eBook ASUS DR-570 is that it does not use e-ink display, OLED. According to sources, this 5.6-inch color OLED screen with a resolution of 768×1024 pixels and refresh rate of 0.03 seconds. Also, the device is equipped with 4GB of flash memory and 412 MB RAM.


Built-in Memory ASUS DR-570 can be supplemented cards SD / SDHC. Content for this e-book can be downloaded in 3G and Wi-Fi. The device supports a wide range of file formats, not only text: ePub, PDF, TXT, MP3, MP4 and AVI, plus Flash video.