Three Google senior manager sentenced to prison

Three Google senior manager sentenced to prison

In Italy, were convicted and sentenced to six months in prison, though probation, three top executive of Google: David Drummond (David Drummond), Peter Fleischer (Peter Fleischer) and George Reyes (George Reyes) — he left the company in 2008 year. Fourth suspect — Ervind Desikan (Arvind Desikan) — was released. The scandal erupted in 2006, after the publication of the service Google Video video in which students of a school in Turin abusing a classmate suffering from Down syndrome. Father injured boy and Italian bar association Vivi Down the protection of people with Down syndrome were demanding to remove this video.

FAS terminated proceedings against manufacturers of laptops

FAS terminated proceedings against manufacturers of laptops

FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) suspended antitrust case against Aser, ASUSTeK Computer, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung Electronics and Dell, which was broken on the grounds of consistency in the actions of companies (paragraph 5 of Part 1 of Article 11 of the Law on Protection of Competition).

Acer Aspire One

Signs vbachalysya violation of antitrust laws, in particular, that laptop manufacturers pre-install the operating system of the same manufacturer for laptops buyers who have consumers who are unable in most cases to choose and buy the desired model laptop without installing the operating system, or refuse the use of imposed with the purchase of products (operating systems corporation Microsoft).