Functional Smartphone HTC Incredible spotted on Verizon Announcement — April 29

Functional Smartphone HTC Incredible spotted on Verizon, Preview — April 29

The operator Verizon Wireless has posted on its website page featuring the Smartphone Droid Incredible by HTC (previously it was known as the HTC Incredible), although it is now removed from public access. But the screenshot page is reprinted numerous online resources. The device will be sold, perhaps, under the brand name Droid, like other Verizon smartphones running the operating system Android. The page also stated that "the new head of the Droid saga begins April 29th", apparently, April 29 announcement of new products. Rather, shortly after its release goes.

AMD Bulldozer chips can run at 4 GHz with Turbo Core 2

AMD Bulldozer chips can run at 4 GHz with Turbo Core 2

We have repeatedly introduced our readers with future chips AMD-based architecture Bulldozer, which should replace the existing models in a productive and server segment. Reported, for example, the first using the new CPU architecture processors will Zambezi, and their release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2011.


In addition, the processor family AMD Bulldozer will be created for the 32 nm technology standards, but thanks to the peculiarities of the new microarchitecture, they will be able to demonstrate a significant increase in performance and efficiency compared with existing analogues.