Full HD-video camera Praktica DVC 141 with 3 inch sensor

Full HD-Praktica DVC 14.1 Camcorder with 3 inch sensor

Full HD-video camera Praktica DVC 14.1 was seen in the range produced by the German company Praktica devices. Camera lens is equipped with a five-fold optical zoom.

Despite the standard for such devices 113h45h62 mm dimensions and weight of 205 g, Camera has a "Go" 3-inch touch screen with a resolution 960h240 pixels. All filmed and photographed stored on removable flash-media formats SD and SDHC.

The camcorder is capable of capturing video with Full HD-resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and create a 14 megapixel photos. Connectivity devices are USB-port, video output and HDMI-port, the camera is powered by lithium-ion battery.

Requires Microsoft hires engineers to create Zune HD2

Re: Microsoft hires engineers to create Zune HD2

The website of Microsoft was reported vacancies engineer hardware. In describing the job said that he will deal with the creation of a new generation of portable devices with entertainment and communication functions in Section Entertainment & — Devices Division. Presumably, it is about creating new Zune HD media player generation, since this department was working on the first Microsoft Zune HD.

Microsoft Zune HD

According to rumors, the development model called Zune HD2 is already underway, although the Microsoft has not confirmed this information. About how innovation differs from its predecessor, yet virtually nothing is known.