Phones with two SIM cards Motorola EX115 and EX128 debut in Europe in October

Phones with two SIM cards Motorola EX115 and EX128 debut in Europe in October

European retailer Germanos is going to start in October sales of two Motorola mobile phone that supports two SIM cards. Devices called Motorola EX115 and Motorola EX128, they have not yet been officially announced by the manufacturer. Rumors about Motorola EX115 has appeared on the network, this inexpensive candybar with QWERTY keyboard, horizontal display, 3 megapixel camera and support wireless interface Bluetooth 2.1. The device can operate only in second-generation cellular networks — GSM / GPRS.

Motorola EX115

About Motorola EX128 model details are not so much. Judging from the image, this candy bar touch screen.

Phones will learn to read lips

Phones will learn to read lips

Scientists from the German city of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) are working on technology that allows devices to give "voice" command, but without sound. That is, the phone or the computer will read them on the lips of its owner. The technology is based on electromyography — Motion Detection muscles and converting them into electrical impulses, which, in turn, are able to detect electronics. Based on these signals can even be synthesized speech. And to capture the movements using sensors that are mounted on the face.

Phones will learn to read lips

In the future it will be possible to integrate sensors directly into the device, such as a mobile phone.