Stylish Speakers Sven SPS-605 for budget users

Stylish Speakers Sven SPS-605 for budget users

Sven Company introduced a new speaker system 2.0 & mdash-Sven SPS-605. As the producer, glossy surface updates with most modern flat-panel monitors. White speakers speaker system in contrast to the black to create a complete image.

Sven SPS-605

Volume control, power switch and headphone output located on the front of the chassis, which makes the control convenient. At the rear are sockets for connecting various audio sources: PC, DVD, CD or MP3 player. This model is very inexpensive — estimated retail price is 400 rubles.

Key Features Sven SPS-605:

  • Management at the front of the column
  • Headphone
  • Speakers compatible with audio output PC sound card, MP3 player, CD / DVD, etc.
  • Six administrators Greek torrent tracker arrested two more sought

    Six administrators Greek torrent tracker arrested, two more sought

    It seems that the fight against BitTorrent resources that contribute, according to many owners, unauthorized distribution of videos, music and software products becomes truly global scale. No sooner had the passions subside over action against Russia's largest torrent tracker, resulting in the resource had to change the location and name for, as such actions are distinguished Greek authorities, but in a much larger scale.


    According to news agencies, last December, the government of Greece has decided to close the Grand National BitTorrent site