Philips TV 9704 LED Pro series with support for Wi-Fi

Philips TV 9704 LED Pro series with support for Wi-Fi

Philips has announced the imminent start of sales in the UK of the new series TVs — Philips 9704 LED Pro. Model 40PFL9704 is a 40-inch TV, 46PFL9704 has a diagonal of 46 inches, and according to the manufacturer, in both models, a 50% reduced energy consumption compared to conventional LCD TV.

Philips 9704 LED Pro

Both provide a 5000000:1 contrast ratio, this is achieved including through split screen on 224 LED areas, each of which can independently change the brightness or even shut down completely. The update frequency is 200 Hz and response time — 1 ms. Everyone on TV has 5 HDMI ports. Also, the models used technology "Ambilight Spectra 3", it increases the visual screen, projecting on the wall behind the TV a soft shimmer.

Televisions Toshiba Power TV can operate on battery 2:00

Televisions Toshiba Power TV can operate on battery 2:00

Corporation Toshiba, known as one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, has officially announced a series of very unusual LCD TVs called Power TV. According to the Japanese company's new products are the world's first device of this kind, features an integrated rechargeable battery.

Toshiba Power TV

This feature allows new TVs from Toshiba Power TV work offline (without power cord) for about two hours, which is comparable with that of some laptops. Moreover, the models are pretty decent diagonal (24 and 32 inches in various versions), that is not the standard television sets, portable compact size with power from the battery.