Timex Ironman Global Trainer

Timex Ironman Global Trainer

This watch is specially designed for people who are actively involved in sports.

In Ironman Global Trainer created strong, but at the same time is easy and comfortable housing. Also watch is equipped with a GPS-receiver, which can be useful for physical exercise.

Thanks to him, Timex Ironman Global Trainer can show distance traveled, current speed and average speed. In addition, this watch displays information about pulse and the conclusion of personal data on the screen can be adjusted depending on the preferences of the user device.

We know that selling novelty can appear in May, but its value has not called.

E-book Netronix based on Android — in 2010

E-book Netronix based on Android — in 2010

Company Netronix with Texas Instruments develops a device for reading electronic books based on Android. All specifications for the device are not known, but the highlight is the combination of embedded devices with a smartphone, although it is not known in what form this combination will be realized. At least that will be supports cellular networks 3G / 3,5 G.

Dulin PocketBook 360

Although CEO Arthur Netronix Lou (Arthur Lu) did not report the exact onset of Android devices, but said that the planned release of new models of e-reader with support for 3G networks in the middle of next year. According to the chairman of Netronix, — digital reading devices become personal communication devices that will use a wireless connection, not only for downloading e-books, but also for voice calls, send SMS or Internet access.