Fines traffic police in Euroset

Fines traffic police in Euroset

Euronet Company announced the beginning can pay fines traffic police in the salons of Moscow and Moscow region. Euronet has implemented a system that allows you to quickly take traffic police fines in retailer showrooms. The service started in all outlets ", Euroset" — Moscow and Moscow region. Until now, the time has Euronet traffic police fines only in Siberia and the Krasnodar Territory in pilot mode.


In the next few months the project receiving fines in Euroset will be launched in all Russian cities, while in the salons of the company can pay the traffic police fine no matter which region of Russia, he was discharged. — To make a payment, fairly present employee Euroset the imposition of administrative penalties.

Televisions Toshiba ZX900 Cell TV can convert 2D signal into 3D

Televisions Toshiba ZX900 Cell TV can convert 2D signal into 3D

Toshiba has announced their new TV series ZX900 Cell TV with diagonals 55 and 65 inches in the U.S. market. The main feature of this TV, as their name suggests, is the availability of high-performance processor Cell, which allows these devices to new possibilities. Suffice it to say that computing power TV Series ZX900 Cell TV to 143 times higher than existing models.

Toshiba ZX900 Cell TV

With new Cell processor TVs Toshiba, for example, implement technology apskeylinha Resolution +, significantly improves image quality by increasing the resolution. In addition, TV Series ZX900 Cell TV with 480 Hz refresh rate and are fully prepared to work with 3D content and also have some opportunities home media server.