HDCP Exploit published and can decode 1080p signal in real time

HDCP Exploit published and can decode 1080p signal in real time

Previously, we reported the news came about from Intel's confirmation hacking HDCP protection. Technology High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, recall, is a proprietary Intel and is designed to prevent illegal copying of high-quality video signal transmitted, for example, through interfaces DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI.


Thus, in the hands of pirates, a new computer to copy movies in high definition, broadcast, such as Blu-ray player or set-top box to the HDTV and distribute them through — torrent trackers. However, at Intel, obviously wanting to belittle the significance of the event, said that the implementation of the procedure up HD content required special tools that will serve as a deterrent to intruders start.

Vulnerability in iOS 41 allows you to bypass the lock iPhone

Vulnerability in iOS 4.1 allows you to bypass the lock iPhone

It is known that the device iPhone users very often resort to lock with a password to protect against unauthorized access. Thus, we can protect stored in the device memory information from prying eyes, for example, if you want to permanently leave the iPhone in the pool locker room or sauna.

iOS 4.1

However, this way of data protection to the iPhone is not a panacea, and outsiders can easily bypass the lock function, using vulnerabilities in the firmware iOS 4.1. In the present resource Engadget video clearly shows how using the uncomplicated combination of actions (set of random numbers in the Emergency Call, call and prompt the caller to press the hardware lock button) allows you to access the Phone application