The third beta of Firefox 4 implements support for multitouch functionality in Windows 7

The third beta of Firefox 4 implements support for multitouch functionality in Windows 7

Mozilla has released another company, already the third in a row beta version of its upcoming Firefox 4 browser. This version allows you to test an important option to be implemented in the new open-source browser, such as & ndash-management using multitouch functionality in Windows 7.

Firefox 4

In other words, users of Firefox 4 browser will manage data, using touch and multitouch gestures. Of course, this will require the already mentioned software platform of Microsoft Windows 7 and touch screen. In addition, in the third beta of Firefox 4 changes implemented in C + + representation of JavaScript, resulting in increased efficiency of the & ldquo-heavy & rdquo-numeric code.

Stoyadernyy processor Tilera TILE-Gx — in 2011

Stoyadernyy processor Tilera TILE-Gx — in 2011

Microprocessor industry over the past few years has made a huge leap forward. Remember, back in 2007 was considered quite normal processor with one or two cores, but now the approach has six and vosmyyaderni monsters. However, the record in the near future will not ware AMD or Intel, and foods from little-known to the average consumer of Tilera. This American company introduced a new line of chips called general purpose TILE-Gx, which can hold up to 100 processor cores.

Tilera TILE-Gx

The new processors TILE-Gx100 created rules 40 nm technology and designed for use in servers that work with large amounts of information, or as soprotsessorov, operating in conjunction with standard server chips (eg, Intel Nehalem-EX).