Shestyyadernyky AMD Phenom II X6 has appeared in European catalogs

Shestyyadernyky AMD Phenom II X6 has appeared in European catalogs

We have repeatedly reported that, AMD is preparing a release of its own six-core processors, designed to work in powerful desktop computers. These CPU, known codenamed Thuban, enter the line Phenom II X6, but their debut is expected at the end of next month.


However, according to the German resource profile, some of the new shestyyadernyky already seen in European trade catalogs. Reported that the model AMD Phenom II X6 1055T and Phenom II X6 1090T BE appeared in the price lists for the Norwegian store Microplex price 1595 and 2295 NOK respectively.

Unfortunately, the exact date of supply of these chips are not reported, but became known to some interesting details about their technical specifications.

Started European sales Android Smartphone Motorola Milestone 2

Started European sales Android Smartphone Motorola Milestone 2

Began selling smartphone Motorola Milestone 2. As you know, he focused mainly on Europe and now news release took place in the UK. There, he is sold as a linked operator Vodafone, and without it. With Vodafone contract get Motorola Milestone 2 available for free. However, in this case, the contract will have two years to pay the operator from 30 pounds a month (about $ 48). Sold new and without reference to any operator: the British online retailer Expansys it costs £ 379.99, equivalent to about $ 605.

Motorola Milestone 2

It is worth noting that earlier pre-orders for the Motorola Milestone 2 was discovered in a German online retailer Amazon, but there indicated that the model will be supplied only on November 22.