Now with extensions Opera has released the first alpha version of Opera 11

Now with extensions: Opera has released the first alpha version of Opera 11

The company Opera Software has released the first alpha version of Opera 11, which represents the latest generation of browsers. Recall, Opera 11 is the first browser Opera extensions & ndash-software additions, created by using the interface Opera API and implemented based on open web standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript. For the first time this functionality the company announced at a press conference Up North Web.

Opera 11

Opera still offering most users the necessary functions "on-box" — but extension suggests a new level of customization. Browser Opera 11 alpha is available at / browser / next. Available versions for operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux.

Opera 11

Extensions can improve the functionality of Opera itself, adding new options directly in the browser. Still it was possible only with widgets and applications Opera Unite, running "top" browser. Developers can create extensions based on the same web standards that are used for building web sites and web applications. Moreover, small changes in the code will allow developers to port to Opera 11 extensions that are already created for other browsers.

How to create applications for Opera 11:

  • Get detailed information and instructions at: / articles / view / introduction-to-opera-extensions
  • Develop your extension using common web standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS
  • Download the created extensions to the site

Opera checks and tests all extensions before they open to the public. This makes it possible to be sure that the extensions directory does not contain malware and viruses. Opera has also released an open API interface technology for data synchronization Opera Link. Using this API, developers can integrate Opera Link data with other online services and implement programs with libraries of Java and Python.