In Opera Turbo — 3 million users

In Opera Turbo — 3 million users

The company Opera Software announced that month that has elapsed since the announcement of the browser Opera 10 (1 to September 30, 2009) Opera Turbo technology used around three million people around the world. During this time they have downloaded nearly 668 million web pages are optimized for viewing on low-speed Internet channels.

Opera 10

Opera browser for desktop computers daily by over 40 million people. As the developer, a high level of popularity Opera Turbo indicates that this technology meets the needs and expectations of Internet users worldwide.

The problem of low-speed channels facing any user, regardless of whether he goes to the network through dial-up connection from home or using public hotspot Wi-Fi at the airport. Opera Turbo demand, mainly for its ability to significantly increase the speed of loading web sites. However, due to the popularity of Opera Turbo and the desire to reduce the amount of Internet users download data at pomehabaytnoy charging. Ability Opera Turbo compress Web pages before sending to custom device will reduce traffic, save time and money.

Opera Turbo & ndash-data compression technology available in Opera 10 and Opera Mobile. Opera Turbo allows you to compress Web pages up to 80% of their original volume. Thus, significantly increases the speed of downloading content websites. When charging traffic user can get more information for the same money. To activate Opera Turbo in Opera 10, just click on the icon in the bottom left corner.