FOM wireless modems Yota overtake rivals

POF: wireless modems Yota overtake rivals

Recently, wireless internet is no longer uncommon and seen only as a means of access to the network in the country, and if in the city, it is only in some "extreme," — cases. Wireless modems can surf the Internet at high speed, and are becoming increasingly popular. Foundation "Public Opinion" conducted a special survey in major cellular shops & ndash-«-Messenger" — and "Euronet," — and in the stores of home appliances "M-Video" — in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The study found that most often recommended for purchase modems Yota.

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According to the study, the average range of shops & ndash-approximately four modem. This Yota sold in 99% of stores included in the study. Modems from other manufacturers are less "-Skylink" — sold 68% of stores, "-Megaphone" — and "-Beeline» — & ndash-64%. Modems MTS is on sale only in a quarter of stores included in the study (24%). Every second shop operators except modems sold and universal modems.

Yota Modems often than other modem manufacturers recommended vendors for use within the city. Eight of the top ten sellers (80%) of the surveyed stores recommend these modems, in cases when they are on sale. Modems ", Beeline" — recommends one-tenth the seller if they have in stock the store. For modems'-Megaphone "- and"-Skylink "- these figures are 7% and 6% respectively. Interestingly, modems MTS, even when they are present in the range, sales hardly recommend. The same is true of universal modem: despite the fact that their stores are pretty much recommend the following modems only 2% of cases.

The most popular reason for recommendations Yota modem is a high speed connection & ndash-talking about it 72% of sales in the stores surveyed. The second most popular reason is the relatively low price and practicality rate (22%) Almost one in five vendor recommends modems Yota, because they have good coverage and stable signal (19%).

When recommendations modem "-Beeline" — the main explanation is that the operator offers cheap and practical rate (74%). The main advantage of modems ", Megaphone" — most sellers also consider practical and low rate (63%), and in addition, good coverage (44%). Every other seller who recommended modems "-Skylink" -, as the reason for calling high data rate and good coverage, signal stability.

With Yota modem recommendations in Moscow stores sales primarily recommend this modem as high (74%), with an affordable and practical rate (41%) and a good steady signal in the city (33%). In St. Petersburg is the second most popular recommendation to buy Yota after a high speed connection is the usability of the modem city limits and stability of the signal (45%).

The survey was conducted in 306 stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg by "secret-shopper" -. Interviewers went shopping in the guise of customers wireless modems. According to legend, bought a wireless modem to work in the city, for the active Internet user who intends to use at home, in cafes, at work and elsewhere.