Epidemic Snatch steals ICQ accounts

Epidemic: Snatch steals ICQ accounts

Today, August 16, many users ICQ messenger victims of a new malware called Snatch. Proposal download Snatch.exe owners ICQ accounts received from their contacts (of course, already infected). And thousands of users, despite the obvious danger of such questionable actions made it, and then their computer has been infected by a virus. The fact that an automatic system that distributes malware with a few simple phrases, sometimes managed to "persuade" the interlocutor, masquerading as a real person. In other words, the victims did not recognize that the bot communicates with them, rather than the familiar people, whose contact went file.


After infection with Snatch, ICQ user losing access to your account because the username and password were found stolen and subsequently used to distribute the same file. According to computer security experts to clean your computer from Snatch, delete in Windows Task Manager process Snatch.exe, delete all these entries from the registry, reinstall ICQ and change the password. Although it is best, of course, immediately abandon download the file (its size — 916,5 KB), even if it offers a seemingly reliable contact. It is worth noting. at the moment Snatch recognized by all antivirus.