Color e-reader Plastic Logic will be in spring 2010

Color e-reader Plastic Logic will be in spring 2010

Representative selling companies Barnes & — Noble Dzhoresson Daniel (Daniel Joresson) confirmed the exhibition CTIA, the first color e-book will appear in the U.S. in spring 2010. The electronic device of Plastic Logic will have smaller dimensions than 8,5 x11 inches and will screen the size of a paperback. It is expected that color e-reader from Barnes & — Noble appears earlier than the version with color display Amazon Kindle, as well as most other competitors.

e-reader Plastic Logic

E-book, of course, have a direct access to the Barnes & — Noble. While there is no certainty, but it appears that while the issue of color e-reader will complement B &-N access online e-book store for mobile phones, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

According to the sources of The Wall Street Journal's, significantly earlier than spring B &-N present 6-inch device from Plastic Logic, which also made the technology e-Ink, but works only in gray scale, like most modern e-reader. This model is equipped with a touch screen and onscreen keyboard. According to the company, the device must be available as soon as possible — in November 2009.