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The third generation TV Philips Aurea

The third generation TV Philips Aurea

Philips has introduced in the Russian market a new generation of TV Aurea. The premiere of this model in September at the Berlin International Exhibition IFA2009. As the manufacturer, although a commercial model name changed only index, Aurea III has fundamental differences from its predecessors.

Philips Aurea III

The main difference is the screen & ndash-he was a 40-inch and its illumination matrix based on LED technology that allows you to achieve image quality comparable to the quality that is inherent in plasma TVs. This model 40PFL9904H (or Aurea III) retained firm characteristics & ndash-active frame technology with Ambilight, which creates a glow around the TV to give the image off the screen-algorithm Perfect Natural Motion, through which even the dynamic scene screen displays without jerks and 100 — Gertsev display with a response time of 2 ms, which provides high clarity.

Secret becomes clear memory of the HTC HD7 can be increased — the secret revealed microSD slot

Secret becomes clear: the memory of the HTC HD7 can be increased — the secret revealed microSD slot

As you know, the new operating system Windows Phone 7 does not support memory cards that can be installed by the user, at least not yet. That is, communicators based on it should not be a microSD slot in the open user access. At the same time, Microsoft requires device manufacturers to have been many models of internal memory — 8 GB. This is a logical requirement to compensate for the lack of expansion cards.


But the flagship device HTC HD7, perhaps like all slot there. Photograph the inside of the device under the battery Portal placed the :: unwired.