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E-book Ambiance Technologies Digibook ADB-106

E-book Ambiance Technologies Digibook ADB-106

Before the sale of preparing another device for reading electronic books — Digibook ADB-106 from the company Ambiance Technologies. Digibook ADB-106 has a 6-inch display with a resolution of 600×800 pixels produced by the technology of electronic paper display is located on the side of the column buttons. The device operates on a Samsung Arm 9 processor and operating system Linux 2.6, it has 64 MB of RAM. Connectivity eBook includes a USB 2.0 port and a slot for SD memory card and MMC.

Digibook ADB-106

However, there is something else that makes to attract attention — wireless icon on the display. If not for the icon, then Digibook ADB-106 would not stand out as a mass e-books on the market.

Steve Jobs on Apple's tablet will be the most important thing I've ever done

Steve Jobs tablet of Apple: "This will be the most important thing I have ever done"

The closer the time of the alleged announcement Tablet PC Apple, the more excitement the event is as professionals and for ordinary users. Undoubtedly, in the treasury of various rumors about this & ldquo-miracle product & rdquo-worthy in and regular expression head of Apple Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), driven resource Tech Crunch with reference to a number of independent sources.

Steve Jobs

According to reporters Tech Crunch, Steve Jobs called the tablet Apple & ldquo-most important thing I have ever done & rdquo-. Note that this expression is consistent with the information previously invoked on the basis of which the head of Apple & ldquo-quite happy & rdquo-Future of Tablet PC.