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In Jon Rubinstein has a plan — Palm still fight for sovereignty

In Jon Rubinstein has a plan — Palm still fight for sovereignty

Palm head Jon Rubinstein (Jon Rubinstein) told the Financial Times, the company, in his opinion, be able to survive on their own. That is a hope that Palm will continue to operate independently and will not be sold. Rubenstein also said that the company has a plan to resolve the crisis. According to him, now Palm is a $ 592 million cash and may enable it to recover.

Jon Rubinstein

Although, to once again become competitive in the mobile market, companies have to try pretty. In the meantime, the position is not corrected even release new models Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, which actually is only slightly improved copies of the original Palm Pre and Pixi.



How convenient it would be if, in the right time Wikipedia at your fingertips. For example, downloaded or mounted in any gadget that fits easily into pockets. It has now become possible, the name of the new gadget — WikiReader.

Unfortunately, this device has only version of the text. So in order to present visual images, you have to use your imagination and ability to visualize.

Management WikiReader gadget is simple: search button, history and any random article output located on the front panel. The remaining of the device is easy to use with the touch screen.