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EBook Kobo eReader — less 150

EBook Kobo eReader — less than $ 150

Company Borders began taking pre-orders for eBook Kobo eReader. In the U.S., it will be sold June 17 for only $ 149.99. In her already downloaded 100 classic books in electronic format. On the Kobo eReader can download files in ePub (not protected DRM) or PDF. The device is equipped with a 6-inch display, made by technology e-Ink (electronic ink), below is a 4-way joystick. The internal memory eBook is 1 GB, to store content can use the card format SD.

Kobo eReader

Wireless features Wi-Fi or 3G in Kobo eReader is not provided, although there is support interface Bluetooth. In order to connect to a computer or other device you can via USB.

Ebooks Viewsonic VEB 620 and VEB 625

Ebooks Viewsonic VEB 620 and VEB 625

Company Viewsonic has released two eBooks — VEB 620 and VEB 625. They have sold at least in the UK. Both devices feature a 6-inch screens based on electronic paper with a resolution of 800×600 pixels and supports 16 shades of gray. Only models Viewsonic VEB 625 display — touch. Another difference VEB 625 — Bluetooth wireless technology Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g). In turn, the internal memory of the two e-books is 2 GB, to store content you can use the card SD.

Viewsonic VEB 620

Besides the basic functions to display text, Viewsonic VEB 625 and 620 can also work as a music player — you can listen to audio through headphones (provided 3.5mm) or built-in speakers.