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E-commerce is developing in spite of the problems

E-commerce is developing in spite of the problems

Information Group (part of the investment holding ", Finam" -) held a conference "Results-2010 runet: Social network advertising budgets and IPO» -. Its members believe that the development of e-commerce hampered by the lack of legal regulation in this area, weak infrastructure and lack of qualified personnel.

Development in e-commerce, according to members of organized ", Finam" — conferences, prevents a number of factors. According to the head Herman Klimenko, lacks everything that is connected with electronic payments. And regulation of payment systems, and the habit of people to pay cash impede development.

Andy Rubin Google will not vypuskathuhlofon

Andy Rubin: Google will produce no "guglofon"

In late October, we reported that the so-called "guglofon", ie mobile device during brendrm Google, still appear. Told resource The Street with reference to Ashok Kumar (Ashok Kumar), analyst Northeast Securities. According to him, the real "guglofon" can go to the end of the year. Previously, the network already rumors of such a device, however, it turned out that it was a mobile operating system Android.


However, apparently, "guglofon" still did not come out on the market. At least Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin), headed in the direction of Google's Android, has denied rumors started The Street.