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E-book iRex DR800SG — 81-inch touchscreen and 3G support

E-book iRex DR800SG — 8,1-inch touchscreen and 3G support

Earlier news mentioned that the company iRex Technologies is preparing to release a new 8-inch e-book. And here was the announcement of the device, which the company called iRex DR800SG. Novelty is an e-book with 8.1-inch display, made by technology e-ink. EBooks module is equipped with Qualcomm Gobi, support for third-generation mobile communication. The device has 2GB of internal memory and a slot for memory cards.

iRex DR800SG

Users can download the e-book PDF, EPUB, Newspaper Direct, Fictionwise, eReader and TXT files. Device management is possible with the stylus, and such gestures as turning a page or tab possible and by touching fingers.

LG Versace Unique

LG Versace Unique

After successfully passed cooperation with Prada, LG user chose a new unusual partner — Versace, with whom the manufacturer has created TouchPhone Versace Unique.

TouchPhone Versace Unique — it's definitely not just another fashion accessory with the supplied filling. The device is endowed with a large touch screen, created a special capacitive technology material that Versace described as "not inclined to scratch."

In LG Versace Unique present and all the necessary modern smartphone features like 3G, e-mail, Pyatimegapikselny camera with flash and media player with possibility to play surround sound Dolby Mobile.