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The new Google-telecom

The new Google-telecom

It is known that the Internet, Google is launching a new service Internet telephony, which will alternate Skype.

After the introduction of innovations all interested U.S. users mailing of Gmail can call from your computer not only on a different computer, but also on various fixed and mobile phones. For greater promotion of the new service, Google said that by the end of this year, all calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers will be absolutely free, and in the UK, France, Germany, China and Japan would cost only symbolic 2 cents per minute.

Exclusive MacBook Pro Microsoft Edition — signed by Steve Ballmer

Exclusive MacBook Pro Microsoft Edition — signed by Steve Ballmer

It is known that the mutual love & ldquo-& rdquo-Microsoft and Apple knows no bounds. Fierce competition between them on the market of operating systems and mobile software platforms, as well as other software makes these companies constantly seek out weaknesses in production and for each other, passing the time limits of decency.

MacBook Pro

In this regard, dear reader, do you think that would make the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), if a college student ask him to leave an autograph & hellip-on laptop Apple? Perhaps we can assume that & ldquo-great and terrible Steve & rdquo-Toss innocent laptop against the wall and retire, cursing various bad words.