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Digital music will save the ecology of the Earth

Digital music will save the ecology of the Earth

We know that Apple is an active supporter of digital content, ie movies and music purchased and downloaded directly from the special services, such as, iTunes, and not distributed on physical media. According to rumors, the company from Cupertino in the future may go further off the optical disc drive with the configuration of their computers Mac.


In favor of the position says Apple and the recent study by a group of American scientists in stock — Christopher Weber (Christopher Weber), Kumi Jonathan (Jonathan Koomey) and Scott Matthews (Scott Matthews). The study, conducted with the support of grants from Microsoft and Intel, it was estimated that purchasing music digitally (ie boot from online store) can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions associated with the delivery to the consumer, by 40-80 percent compared with & ldquo-very clean & rdquo-shipping physical CD.  -

Six new mobile Intel processors were lit on the manufacturer's website

Six new mobile processors Intel "lit up" on the manufacturer's website

The range of processors available from Intel, apparently filled with several models designed for use in mobile computers. New items that have appeared on the official website of the manufacturer, were named Intel Core i5-480M and Core i3-390M (family Westmere), Core i7-2630QM and Core i7-2635QM (architecture Sandy Bridge), and the Pentium P6300 and Pentium U5600. —


Both new chip Core i5-480M and Core i3-390M have two computing cores and technology to support Hyper-Threading, and the amount of cache in the third level which is 3 MB. Moreover, the available integrated memory controller and integrated graphics.