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Multimedia Projector Sharper Image Entertainment Projector

Multimedia Projector Sharper Image Entertainment Projector

Many families like to have at home affordable and easy to use multimedia projector. And now, with the advent Sharper Image Entertainment Projector can materilizovatsya their desires.

This gadget is designed primarily for home movies, and various games. Optimize the price of this projector managed by reducing its functionality — with the device is a network cable, special cable to connect to PC / DVD, and remote control with four possible functions — on / off, volume, contrast and color.

For optimal image clarity gadget projecting from a distance of 2 meters, and it can fix almost any position, even sending the projector on the ceiling.

This summer will come monoblocks iMac with multi-touch interface of iOS

This summer will come monoblocks iMac with multi-touch interface of iOS?

In the network appeared rumors about a quick update line computer-monoblock Apple iMac. About the new devices described resource LOOPRumors. According to him, the new iMac will not only operating system Mac OS X, as usual, but the touch interface iOS, like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With this support multi-touch control will also be implemented. Announcement of computers is expected, as the source said, in the next two months. For their presentation, Apple will hold a special event.


By the way, these projections resource DigiTimes did back in January. According to him, Apple is developing a new 22-inch iMac with a touchscreen, which will be available towards the end of the year.