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Chips AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban and Phenom II X4 Zosma roadmap to manufacturer

Chips AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban and Phenom II X4 Zosma — roadmap to manufacturer

-The network has a list of new family of processors Phenom II, included in the roadmap of AMD. This roadmap, in particular, confirms the naming scheme for future models shestyyadernyky under the brand name Phenom II X6. Also shed some light on the new line of quad core chips, code-named Zosma.

AMD roadmap

In the second quarter of this year, AMD plans to release several six-core models in the line Phenom II X6, including chips Phenom II X6 1075T, 1055T and 1035T. The first one has a TDP of 125 watts and CPU Phenom II X6 1055T appears in two versions & ndash-TDP of 125 watts and 95.

Steve Jobs confirms App Store for the Apple TV set-top box will

Steve Jobs confirms: App Store for the Apple TV set-top box will

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned online store applications for set-top box Apple TV. However, it is limited to rather vague statement that the launch of such a service will be held "at the appropriate time." But the important fact confirm such plans of Apple. According to Jobs, the online store will include applications that can provide TV (via set-top boxes) that have the iPhone because of its iOS operating system and the applications for it.

App Store

Apparently, it is a section of the online store App Store, which will be donated software media player Apple TV.