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Started supplying cooling processors WEXLERCOOL

Started supplying cooling processors WEXLER.COOL

Company WEXLER announced the beginning of the supply of a wide range of cooling systems WEXLER.COOL, designed specifically for Intel LGA775 sockets and under the LGA 1156, and the connector at the latest Intel Core 2-nd Generation & ndash-LGA1155, sales of which will begin in January 2011.


As promised manufacturer, due to reliability, efficiency cooling and an attractive price updates can be used to create a wide range of computer systems. List of models WEXLER.COOL includes both standard and model with improved heat dissipation for better cooling "-hot" — high-performance processors, such as the series Intel Core i7.

Lighted Eyeglasses

Lighted Eyeglasses

For those who have low vision, are ideal special glasses Lighted Eyeglasses, to help you see better and will have the ability to read, write and perform other work in low light.

It is worth noting that the model Lighted Eyeglasses with two bright LEDs that will light up everything in front of your eyes, and do not interfere with others, and this can be very useful if you like to read or work, such as a train or plane .

Backlight turns on automatically when opening parentheses glasses or using a special switch. Approximate battery life of the device is 30 hours.