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Modu phone can be transformed into Android-based smartphone and netbook

Modu phone can be transformed into Android-based smartphone and "netbook"

Resource TechRadar reported that he was able to get some information about mobile phones Modu from the head of Dov Moran (Dov Moran). Recall that a modular phone Modu is the most compact in the world, it has only basic functionality and more opportunities he can get through removable towers — (jackets). This can be a camera, media player, touch screen, various keyboards and so on. For most Modu can only call. First Modu is a tiny device with a small screen and a few buttons. Now working on the second model with a touch screen and support for third-generation cellular networks.

The mood of your home

The mood of your home

Sometimes nothing can now help you feel full 100% satisfaction from his life than any badly needed changes.

And so our house always takes us all the joys and temptations, is one of the best and quite easy options changes in the landscape you will — redesign of our home. New in the interior does not have to wear a massive and costly nature, because sometimes quite subtle and a few original parts or colors in order to give a second life for us has become commonplace objects or premises.

Of course, if you do not live alone, your family and friends you should definitely support the new bold initiatives and craving for new sensations.