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Intel Sandy Bridge chips will have integrated graphics performance with double

Intel Sandy Bridge chips will have integrated graphics performance with double

There are new details about the upcoming processors Sandy Bridge, the appearance of which is expected in the first quarter of 2011. Recall, Sandy Bridge is a next generation microprocessor architecture Intel, which, like chips Clarkdale and Arrandale, using 32 nm process and present integrated graphics. However, in contrast to existing solutions generation Westmere, integrated GPU in Sandy Bridge chips will be placed directly into the processor die.


According to the resource Fudzilla, Intel has shared some details about the processors Sandy Bridge with its key customers.

Trackpad Magic Trackpad disassembled — photos inside

Trackpad Magic Trackpad disassembled — photos "inside"

Journalists resource iFixit dismantled once the new product Apple — external wireless Trackpad Magic Trackpad. Recall, it was announced just recently and is a desktop accessory that lets you manage both laptops: using the touch touchpad. In addition, Magic Trackpad supports multisensor control (Multi-Touch). And now, when the device is disassembled, it was found a few interesting features.

Apple Magic Trackpad

For example, Magic Trackpad uses Bluetooth transmitter Broadcom BCM2042, as in the Magic Mouse, and the touchscreen chip Broadcom BCM5974, the same as in iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook Air. Reporters also noted that the trackpad is very difficult to make out without damaging it.