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ZEN X-Fi Style

ZEN X-Fi Style

Creative Company introduced its stylish players ZEN X-Fi Style.

So now a number of new products added two new series of stylish, simple and yet very inexpensive portable media players called the ZEN X-Fi Style and ZEN Style.

Series players ZEN X-Fi Style is more to high-class valley, rather than simple ZEN Style, its representatives are provided with 2.4'' display, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB memory, built-in speaker, microphone, and also output to your TV. In the presence of standard premium sound X-Fi, a player can play the downloaded RSS, but it is true, this function its specific Internet features over.

Petaflops supercomputer to be based at the University

Petaflops supercomputer to be based at the "University"

At Moscow University hosted a meeting of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation intensive development, which was attended by Chairman of the State Duma BV Gryzlov and rector of Moscow State University, Academician VA Sadovnichii. Before the meeting, Victor A. Gryzlov university supercomputer show "Lomonosov": server module demonstrated national development and responded to questions about the system cooling and power consumption, which can be compared with those for a small town.

Moscow State University named after Lomonosov

The meeting noted that one of the most promising areas & mdash-performance computing.